The AdvancedNoise Toolbox has 3 main sources of noise:

  1. TimeBasedNoise: This block generated a noise output based on the simulation time.
  2. SignalBasedNoise: This block generates a noise output based on a given input variable. One of the main applications of this block is a position dependant noise. Such position dependant noise is used e.g. for rail irregulatities in railway vehicles or road irragularities in road vehicles.
  3. ColoredSignalBasedNoise: This block is used if a colored noise is needed when. Using this block, a specified frequency spectrum can be suppliedby the user.

Please refer to the documentation of these blocks to understand their working.

If the supplied noise distributions or interpolation algorithms are not suitable for the needed application, the user can generate custom distributions and interpolation algorithms that can be used with this library.


DLR logo Initial version implemented by A. Klöckner, F. v.d. Linden, D. Zimmer, M. Otter.
DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control

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