Models for different types of heat transfer


Name Description
CalcQFlow Calculate Q_flow from m_flow, deltaT and specific heat capacity
CylindricHeatConduction Heat conduction through cylindric material
CylindricHeatTransfer Model for cylindric heat transfer
CylindricLoad Model for a cylindric heat capacity
HeatConvInside Natural convection computation according to B. Glueck or EN ISO 6946, with choice between several types of surface orientation, according to ASHRAE140-2017 or a constant convective heat transfer coefficient
HeatConvOutside Model for heat transfer at outside surfaces. Choice between multiple models
HeatConvPipeInsideDynamic Dynamic model for Heat Transfer through convection inside a pipe, based on Nussel Correlations
HeatToRad Adaptor for approximative longwave radiation exchange with variable surface Area
SolarRadInRoom Model to distribute short wave radiation transmitted through a window to all areas in the room using shape factors
SolarRadToHeat Compute the heat flow caused by radiation on a surface

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