This package contains models of the different junctions of the Modelica bond graph library. The library distinguishes explicitly between junctions with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 connectors. If more than 6 connectors are needed, the junction needs to be split. Since neighboring same-sex junctions can always be treated logically like a single junction, it is possible to construct junctions with arbitrarily many connectors.

Junctions must be connected to bonds. It is illegal to connect junctions to either modeling elements or other junctions directly. If junctions are being split, a bond must be placed between them.


J0p2Model of TwoPort 0-junction
J0p3Model of ThreePort 0-junction
J0p4Model of FourPort 0-junction
J0p5Model of FivePort 0-junction
J0p6Model of SixPort 0-junction
J0Model of a standard 0-junction with up to four ports
J0largeModel of a large 0-junction with up to eight ports
J1p2Model of TwoPort 1-junction
J1p3Model of ThreePort 1-junction
J1p4Model of FourPort 1-junction
J1p5Model of FivePort 1-junction
J1p6Model of SixPort 1-junction
J1Model of a standard 1-junction with up to four ports
J1largeModel of a large 1-junction with up to eight ports

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