BrineGas_3Gas is a medium package that, based on Brine.PartialBrineGas, defines a brine with 3 gases (CO2, N2, CH4), which are the main gases in the geofluid in Gross Schoenebeck, Germany.


It is based on Modelica.Media, the usage is accordingly:

Create an instance of the Medium (optionally deactivating range checks, for all options see .PartialFlags):

  package Medium = BrineGas_3Gas(ignoreLimitN2_T=false);

Create an instance of Medium.Baseproperties:

  Medium.BaseProperties props;

Use the BaseProperties model to define the actual brine composition(Xi or X), to define the thermodynamic state and calculate the corresponding properties.

  props.p = 1e5;
  props.T = 300;
  props.Xi = {1-4, 7e-4, 6e-005} "CO2, N2, CH4"
  d = props.d;

See BrineProp.Examples.BrineGas for more usage examples.

Returns properties for given composition when _pTX functions are called directly. Returns properties for given gas composition + saturated water when called via state functions (e.g. density)

All calculated values are returned in SI units and are mass based.

Potential speedup:

Calculate water saturated composition externally once (instead of separately in each property function) and pass on.


Name Description
waterSaturatedComposition_pTX calculates the water saturated mass vector for a given Temperature
density water-saturated density from state
density_pTX Density of an ideal mixture of ideal gases
specificHeatCapacityCp water-saturated heat capacity of gas phase
specificHeatCapacityCp_pTX calculation of specific heat capacities of gas mixture
dynamicViscosity water-saturated thermal conductivity of water
dynamicViscosity_pTX calculation of gas dynamic Viscosity
thermalConductivity water-saturated thermal conductivity of water
thermalConductivity_pTX calculation of gas thermal conductivity
specificEnthalpy_pTX calculation of specific enthalpy of gas mixture
specificEnthalpy water-saturated specific enthalpy of gas phase

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