density calculation of an aqueous salt solution

according to Shide Mao and Zhenhao Duan (2008) 0-300°C; 0.1-100MPa; 0-6 mol/kg



Known issues:

Brine has the same evaporation temperature as pure water, only different saturation pressure.


function density_Duan2008_pTX
  input SI.Pressure p;
  input SI.Temp_K T;
  input SI.MassFraction X[:] "mass fractions m_NaCl/m_Sol";
  input SI.MolarMass MM_vec[:] "molar masses of components";
  input BrineProp.SaltDataDuan.SaltConstants[:] Salt_Constants;
  output SI.Density d;
end density_Duan2008_pTX;

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