iterative inversion of specificEnthalpy_pTX by regula falsi


function temperature_phX
  extends Modelica.Icons.Function;
  input AbsolutePressure p "Pressure";
  input SpecificEnthalpy h "Specific enthalpy";
  input MassFraction X[nX] "Mass fractions";
  input FixedPhase phase = 0 "2 for two-phase, 1 for one-phase, 0 if not known";
  input Real[nX_gas + 1] n_g_start = fill(0.5, nX_gas + 1) "start value, all gas in gas phase, all water liquid";
  input Boolean ignoreTlimit = true "To avoid warnings due to low temperature";
  output Temperature T "Temperature";
end temperature_phX;

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