This package contains base classes that are used to construct the models in Buildings.Airflow.Multizone.


DoorPartial door model for bi-directional flow
DoorDiscretizedDoor model using discretization along height coordinate
ErrorControlInterface that defines parameters for error control
PartialOneWayFlowElementPartial model for flow resistance with one-way flow
PowerLawResistanceParametersPower law resistance parameters
TwoWayFlowElementFlow resistance that uses the power law
TwoWayFlowElementBuoyancyFlow resistance that uses the power law
ZonalFlowFlow across zonal boundaries of a room
interpolateFunction for the interpolation of table data for airflow models
powerLawPower law used in orifice equations
powerLawFixedMPower law used in orifice equations when m is constant
windPressureLowRiseWind pressure coefficient for low-rise buildings
windPressureProfileFunction for the cubic spline interpolation of a wind pressure profile with given support points and spline derivatives at these support points
ExamplesCollection of models that illustrate model use and test models

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