This package contains examples for the use of models that can be found in Buildings.Airflow.Multizone.


CO2TransportStepModel with transport of CO2 through buoyancy driven flow
ChimneyShaftNoVolumeModel with chimney effect and a steady-state model of a shaft
ChimneyShaftWithVolumeModel with chimney effect and a dynamic model of a shaft
ClosedDoorsModel with three closed doors
NaturalVentilationModel with flow reversal due to density difference
OneEffectiveAirLeakageAreaModel with an effective air leakage area
OneOpenDoorModel with one open and one closed door
OneRoomModel with one room for the validation of the multizone air exchange models
OrificeModel with an orifice
PowerLawModel with powerlaw models
PressurizationDataModel showing how the 'Powerlaw_1DataPoint' model can be used when data is available from a pressurization test.
ReverseBuoyancyModel with four rooms and buoyancy-driven air circulation that reverses direction
ReverseBuoyancy3ZonesModel with three rooms and buoyancy-driven air circulation that reverses direction
TrickleVentModel with a trickle vent modelled using the models with flow based on tabulated data
ZonalFlowModel with prescribed air exchange between two volumes

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