This model describes the pressure difference of a vertical medium column. It can be used to model the pressure difference caused by stack effect.

Typical use and important parameters

The model can be used with the following three configurations, which are controlled by the setting of the parameter densitySelection:

The settings top and bottom should be used when rooms or different floors of a building are connected since multizone airflow models assume that each floor is completely mixed. For these two seetings, this model will compute the pressure between the center of the room and an opening that is at height h relative to the center of the room. The setting actual may be used to model a chimney in which a column of air will change its density based on the flow direction.

In this model, the parameter h must always be positive, and the port port_a must be at the top of the column.


For a dynamic model, use Buildings.Airflow.Multizone.MediumColumnDynamic instead of this model.


MediumMedium in the component


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