The package Buildings.Airflow.Multizone contains models for multizone airflow and contaminant transport.

The models can be used to compute the air flow between different rooms and between a room and the exterior environment. In multizone airflow models, typically each room volume is assumed to be completely mixed. The driving force for the air flow are pressure differences that can be induced, e.g., by

Models for air flow through openings are in this package, while the models for wind pressure and outdoor air conditions are in the package Buildings.Fluid.Sources.

Most models in this package are as described in Wetter (2005). Wind pressure coefficients for different building configurations can be found in Costola et al. (2009), Persily and Ivy (2001), Swami and Chandra (1987) and Liddament (1996).



We would like to thank the United Technologies Research Center for contributing the original package to the Buildings library.

We would like to thank the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and Ghent University for providing the oportunity to further develop this package.


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