This package contains base classes that are used to construct the models in Buildings.BoundaryConditions.SolarIrradiation.


BrighteningCoefficientCircumsolar and horizon brightening coefficients
DiffuseIsotropicDiffuse solar irradiation on a tilted surface with an isotropic model
DiffusePerezHemispherical diffuse irradiation on a tilted surface with Perez's anisotropic model
DirectTiltedSurfaceDirect solar irradiation on a tilted surface
PartialSolarIrradiationPartial model that is used to compute the direct and diffuse solar irradiation
RelativeAirMassRelative air mass
SkyBrightnessSky brightness
SkyClearnessSky clearness
ExamplesCollection of models that illustrate model use and test models

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