This package contains a list of packages that represent different type of electric systems. Each package inherits from Buildings.Electrical.PhaseSystems.PartialPhaseSystem.

The packages represent various types of electrical systems. The basic idea behind this approach is to use the same connector for different electrical domains. Each connector has a replaceable package that inherits from Buildings.Electrical.PhaseSystems.PartialPhaseSystem depending on the type of electrical system. The electrical systems represented are:

This approach has been used by the following Modelica libraries:

More details about the phase system packages can be found in Franke and Wiesmann (2014).


Ruediger Franke and Hansjurg Wiesmann.
Flexible modeling of electrical power systems - the Modelica PowerSystems library.
Proc. of the 10th Modelica Conference, Lund, Sweden, March 2014.


Name Description
DirectCurrent DC system
OnePhase Single phase two connectors AC system
PartialPhaseSystem Base package of all phase systems
ThreePhase_d AC system covering only resistive loads with three symmetric phases
ThreePhase_dq AC system, symmetrically loaded three-phase
ThreePhase_dq0 AC system in dqo representation
TwoConductor Two conductors for DC components


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