This package contains a tutorial with step by step instructions for how to build system models. This package also contains examples of system models that are composed of models from a variety of packages of the Buildings library. The examples illustrate the scope of the library. Smaller examples that typically only use models from a few packages can be found in the individual packages. For example, see Buildings.Airflow.Multizone.Examples for examples of multizone airflow and contaminant transport models, or Buildings.Fluid.HeatExchangers.Examples for examples of heat exchanger models.


TutorialTutorial with step by step instructions for how to build system models
ChillerPlantChiller plant with water side economizer for data center
DualFanDualDuctDual fan dual duct HVAC system with five thermal zones
HydronicHeatingHydronic heating system with storage, two rooms and thermostatic radiator valves
VAVCO2Variable air volume flow system of MIT building with continuous time control for static pressure reset
VAVReheatVariable air volume flow system with terminal reheat and five thermal zones

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