This package implements thermophysical properties for window glass.

Since the infrared transmissivity is part of the Window 6 data and since it depends on the glass thickness, the glass thickness is a parameter that is set for all glass layers. This configuration is different from the records for gas properties, which do not yet set the value for the thickness of the gas gap.

The table below compares the data of this record with the variables used in the WINDOW 6 output file.

Note that
Buildings library variable name WINDOW 6 variable name
tauSol Tsol
rhoSol_a Rsol1
rhoSol_b Rsol2
tauIR Tir
absIR_a Emis1
absIR_b Emis2

The solar transmittance tauSol and the solar reflectances rhoSol_a and rhoSol_b are vectors. For regular glass, these vectors have only one element. For electrochromic glass, users can enter an arbitrary number of elements, where each element is for a particular window state. The dimension of the three vectors tauSol, rhoSol_a and rhoSol_b must be equal.

The example Buildings.ThermalZones.Detailed.Examples.ElectroChromicWindow shows how these data can be used to darken the window. A control signal of uWin=0 in the room model corresponds to the first entry of the data, which typically is the clear state, whereas uWin=1 corresponds to the last entry, which typically is the dark states. For intermediate control signals, the optical properties are interpolated using the model Buildings.HeatTransfer.Windows.BaseClasses.StateInterpolator.


GenericThermal properties of window glass
ID100Generic Bronze Glass 3.1mm. Manufacturer: Generic.
ID101Generic Bronze Glass 5.7mm. Manufacturer: Generic.
ID102Generic Clear Glass 3.048mm. Manufacturer: Generic.
ID103Generic Clear Glass 5.7mm. Manufacturer: Generic.
ElectrochromicElectrochromic Glass 6mm. Manufacturer: Generic.


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