This example tests the implementation of the phase-change material (PCM) model.

The phase-change material matPCM is exposed to the same boundary conditions as the non phase-change material. In the construction conPCM2, the phase change is around 20.5 °C. In the construction conPCM, the phase change is around 40.5 °C, which is above the temperature range simulated in this model. Therefore, the same result is expected for the PCM material conPCM as is for two conductors in series. Note that in case of using matPCM, the internal energy is the dependent variable, whereas in case of two conductors in series, the temperature is the dependent variable. However, both models will produce the same results.

The cheEqu block computes the difference between the heat fluxes, which should be equal except for the numerical approximation error of the solver.


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