This package provides component models for the infrared radiative heat exchange of window assemblies. The models are according to TARCOG 2006, except for the outdoor radiosity, which is computed by Buildings.HeatTransfer.Radiosity.OutdoorRadiosity. The outdoor radiosity is different from the TARCOG implementation so that the same equations are used for windows as are used for opaque walls in the room heat transfer model of the package Buildings.ThermalZones.Detailed.

By definition, incoming and outcoming radiosity are both positive. This is required to connect incoming and outcoming radiosity connectors.


TARCOG 2006: Carli, Inc., TARCOG: Mathematical models for calculation of thermal performance of glazing systems with our without shading devices, Technical Report, Oct. 17, 2006.


ConstantGenerate constant radiosity signal
IndoorRadiosityModel for indoor radiosity
OpaqueSurfaceModel for an opaque surface
OutdoorRadiosityModel for the outdoor radiosity that strikes the window
RadiositySplitterSplits the incoming radiosity into two flows based on an input signal
ExamplesCollection of models that illustrate model use and test models
BaseClassesPackage with base classes for Buildings.HeatTransfer.Radiosity

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