This medium package models liquid water.

The mass density is computed using a constant value of 995.586 kg/s. For a medium model in which the density is a function of temperature, use Buildings.Media.Specialized.Water.TemperatureDependentDensity which may have considerably higher computing time.

For the specific heat capacities at constant pressure and at constant volume, a constant value of 4184 J/(kg K), which corresponds to 20°C is used. The figure below shows the relative error of the specific heat capacity that is introduced by this simplification.

Relative variation of specific heat capacity with temperature

The enthalpy is computed using the convention that h=0 if T=0 °C.


Density, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and viscosity are constant. Water is modeled as an incompressible liquid. There are no phase changes.


Name Description
BaseProperties Base properties
enthalpyOfLiquid Return the specific enthalpy of liquid


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