This function generates a random variable, from a Weibull distribution with the inputs of lambda and k. The random variable might be the duration of a specific event, for instance the time to keep the HVAC on.

The inputs lambda and k defines the probability density function. lambda is similar to the mean value of exponential distribution, and k defines the shape. A value of k = 1 means the Weibull distribution reduces to an exponential distribution. Genrally speaking, higher lambda and higher k indicate a higher chance to generate a higher output.


function weibullVariableGeneration
  input Real lambda "Parameter defining the Weibull distribution scale factor";
  input Real k "Parameter defining the Weibull distribution shape factor";
  input Integer globalSeed "Seed for the random number generator";
  output Real y "Random variable generated from Weibull Distribution";
end weibullVariableGeneration;


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