The development of this library was supported

The core of this library is the Modelica IBPSA library, a free open-source library with basic models that codify best practices for the implementation of models for building and community energy and control systems. The development of the IBPSA library is organized through the IBPSA Project 1 of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA). From 2012 to 2017, the development was organized through the Annex 60 project of the Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA EBC).

The package for multizone airflow modeling and the model for thermal comfort was contributed by the United Technologies Research Center, which also contributed to the validation of the room heat transfer model.

We thank Dietmar Winkler from Telemark University College for the various feedback that helped improve the organization and structure of the library.

The following people have directly contributed to the implementation of the Buildings library (many others have contributed by other means than model implementation):

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