The package ComplexLib is a free Modelica library for steady-state analysis of linear AC circuits with fixed frequency. In this context, an AC circuit is understood as a set of components which are coupled galvanically among each other. The package provides model components with certain interface definitions. The behavior of the electrical components is described using phasor domain (so-called time phasors). Under special assumptions, the library can also be used to investigate AC circuits in the quasi-stationary mode (see package Quasi-stationary mode for more information).
Some components are electromechanical ones. In these cases, the electrical subsystem is modelled within the phasor domain while the mechanical subsystem is described using time domain.
The package ComplexLib is fully compatible with the Modelica Standard Library. An introduction is given e.g. in O. Enge, C. Clauß, P. Schneider, P. Schwarz, M. Vetter, S. Schwunk: Quasi-stationary AC analysis using phasor description with Modelica. 5th Int. Modelica Conf., Vienna, Austria, September 4-5, 2006, Proc. pp. 579-588.

This is a short User's Guide for the ComplexLib.


Name Description
Overview Overview of Complexlib
Connectors Connectors
QuasiStationaryMode Quasi-stationary mode
Compatibility Compatibility to Modelica Standard Library
Releases Release notes
License The Modelica License 2
Contact Contact

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