The DisHeatLib library is a library for dynamic modeling of district heating networks including corresponding control systems. Many models are based on the excellent Modelica library IBPSA.

DisHeatLib is providing the means to study district heating systems in detail. The key additions and highlights compared to standard steady-state approaches when modeling district heating networks include:

These effects and interfaces are especially important as district heating is becoming an essential part of smart energy systems which leads to high interconnections with the power system and the need for intelligent control.

The development page for this library is https://github.com/AIT-IES/DisHeatLib. Contributions to further advance the library are welcomed. Contributions may not only be in the form of model development, but also through model use, model testing, requirements definition or providing feedback regarding the model applicability to solve specific problems. Issues with the library can be easily reported here.


Name Description
UsersGuide User's Guide
Boundary Boundary condition library
Controls Control library
Demand Heat demand library
Pipes Pipe library
Substations Substation library
Supply Supply unit library
Storage Thermal storage library
Examples Example networks
BaseClasses Additional models used throughout the library
Utilities Utilities package


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