Testing of components


Name Description
MassFrictionCompare Mass on slope with friction
CoastingCompare Mass on slope with friction
Clutch Clutch for coupling two masses
MassMovementSpeed Movement of mass without propulsion
MassMovementForce Movement of mass without propulsion
IdealCurrentControlledConverter Tests ideal current controlled DC/DC converter
IdealCurrentControlledMachine1 Tests ideal machine without field weakening
IdealCurrentControlledMachine2 Tests ideal machine with field weakening
TestIdealBattery Test ideal battery discharge
TestBattery Test discharge of battery with internal resistor
RotationalConstantFriction Testing rotational constant friction
EfficiencyFrictionCompare Investigating efficiency
Efficiency Investigating efficiency
TestTorqueLimiter Testing of torque limiter
MassFrictionangleCompare Mass on slope with friction
GearConstantEfficiency Test gear with constant efficiency

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