This library offers hours of fun Approximation models for fractional differential operators.

It is divided into 5 subpackages: Documentation, Approximations, Tests, Applications, and Misc.

Documentation is what you are reading right now.
Approximations contains the results of several attempts to implement fractional differential operators in the Modelica language.
Tests contains Models which are used to validate the Approximators included in the Approximations-subpackage.
Applications contains examples from different physical domains, where fractional differential operators are used.
Misc contains miscellaneous models, that were (once) used in various parts of the library, but have no direct relation to fractional differential operators. You can safely ignore it.

If you are new to this, have a look at the Quick Start Guide!


Name Description
 QuickStartGuide Quick Start Guide
 ModelicaLicense2 Modelica License 2
 References References
 ReleaseNotes Release notes
 Contact Contact


Developed 2015 at the DLR Institute of System Dynamics and Control

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