Simulation of greenhouse climate

This example intends to illustrate the simulation of a greenhouse climate. The greenhouse is built by interconnecting all of the energy and mass Flows presents in a greenhouse to their related Components. As it can be distinguished, the greenhouse modeled in this example consists of one level of heating circuit, roof windows (but not side vents), natural ventilation (no forced ventilation) and a movable thermal screen. It should be noted that, when the screen is drawn, the air of the greenhouse is divided in two zones, i.e. below and above the screen. These zones are modeled separately (models air and air_Top) and their climate is assumed to be homogeneous. The models parameters have been set to typical values for Venlo-type greenhouse construction design dedicated to tomato crop cultivation. The greenhouse floor area and the mean greenhouse height are set in two individual block sources.

The simulated greenhouse is located in Belgium and the simulation period is from December 10th to November 22nd. Two data files are required:

These '.txt' files are accessed by means of TMY_and_control and SP_new, which are two CombiTimeTables models from the Modelica Standard Library.

The goal of this example is to show the energy flows interacting in a greenhouse. Thus, no generation units are included. Instead, the heating pipes are connected to a water source and sink model. The model includes the following controls:

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