This package contains models for heat exchangers with and without humidity condensation.


Name Description
 ConstantEffectiveness Heat exchanger with constant effectiveness
 EvaporatorCondenser Evaporator or condenser with refrigerant experiencing constant temperature phase change
 HeaterCooler_u Heater or cooler with prescribed heat flow rate
 Heater_T Heater with prescribed outlet temperature
 PrescribedOutlet Ideal heater, cooler, humidifier or dehumidifier with prescribed outlet conditions
 SensibleCooler_T Sensible cooling device with prescribed outlet temperature
 ActiveBeams Package with active beams
 Radiators Package with radiators models for hydronic space heating systems
 Examples Collection of models that illustrate model use and test models
 Validation Collection of models that validate the heat exchanger models
 BaseClasses Package with base classes for IBPSA.Fluid.HeatExchangers

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