This model outputs the latent enthalphy flow rate of the medium in the flow between its fluid ports. In particular, if the total enthalpy flow rate is

tot = Ḣsen + Ḣlat,

where sen = ṁ (1-Xw) cp,air, then this sensor outputs Ḣ = Ḣlat.

If the parameter tau is non-zero, then the measured specific latent enthalpy hout that is used to compute the latent enthalpy flow rate lat = ṁ hout is computed using a first order differential equation. See IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.UsersGuide for an explanation.

For a sensor that measures tot, use IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.EnthalpyFlowRate.
For a sensor that measures sen, use IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.SensibleEnthalpyFlowRate.

The sensor is ideal, i.e., it does not influence the fluid. The sensor can only be used with medium models that implement the function enthalpyOfNonCondensingGas(T).


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