This model outputs the temperature of the medium in the flow between its fluid ports. The sensor does not influence the fluid.

Typical use and important parameters

If the parameter tau is non-zero, then its output T converges to the temperature of the incoming fluid using a first order differential equation. Setting tau=0 is not recommend. See IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.UsersGuide for an explanation.

If transferHeat = true, then heat transfer with the ambient is approximated and T converges towards the fixed ambient temperature TAmb using a first order approximation with a time constant of tauHeaTra when the flow rate is small. Note that no energy is exchanged with the fluid as the sensor does not influence the fluid temperature.

Setting transferHeat = true is useful, for example, if the sensor is used to measure the fluid temperature in a system with on/off control on the mass flow rate. If transferHeat were false, then the sensor output T would remain constant if the mass flow rate is set to zero, and hence the controller may never switch the mass flow rate on again.

In general, applications in which the sensor output is not used to switch the mass flow rate on should set transferHeat=false.


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