This model outputs the flow velocity flowing from port_a to port_b.

The sensor is ideal, i.e., it does not influence the fluid. If the parameter tau is non-zero, then the measured density that is used to convert the mass flow rate into volumetric flow rate is computed using a first order differential equation. Setting tau=0 is not recommend. See IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.UsersGuide for an explanation.

Typical use and important parameters

In order to use the flow velocity sensor, the cross sectional area of the flow channel crossSection must be specified in m2. For a circular flow channel (e.g. a round pipe) of diameter diameter, the cross sectional area can be specified as crossSection = diameter * diameter / 4 * Modelica.Constants.pi. See IBPSA.Fluid.Sensors.Examples.Velocity for an example implementation with diameter = 0.1.


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