Integrated District Energy Assessment by Simulation (IDEAS) is a Modelica library that allows integrated transient simulation of thermal and electrical processes at neighborhood level. The IDEAS tool differs from existing building physics and systems based and electrical energy system based models by integrating the dynamics of the hydronic, thermal as well as electrical energy networks at both the building and aggregated level within a single model and solver.


Main packages are listed below.


IDEAS is developed at github. Feel free to create an issue in case you have a problem or a suggestion.


The following people have contributed to the IDEAS code.

Furthermore, a large part of the code was originally developed within the IEA EBC Annex 60 project, which is continued as IBPSA project 1. For models originating from this library bug reports are preferable submitted on the Annex 60 or IBPSA project 1 github pages.


The authors acknowledge the financial support by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT) and WTCB in the frame of the IWT-VIS Traject SMART GEOTHERM focusing on integration of thermal energy storage and thermal inertia in geothermal concepts for smart heating and cooling of (medium) large buildings. The authors also acknowledge the financial support by IWT for the PhD work of F. Jorissen (contract number 131012).


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