Modelica library for Industrial Control Systems

IndustrialControlSystems is a Modelica library providing a set of control blocks, with functionality usually found in industrial controllers. Each block has two implementations, one continuous-time and one discrete-time.

The first version of the library was presented at the 9th Modelica conference, held in Munich 3-5 September 2012. The library won the 2nd prize at the Modelica library competition award.

Main authors: Marco Bonvini and Alberto Leva 2010-2012.

Maintenance contributors: Thomas Beutlich, Francesco Casella, Peter Harman, Matthis Thorade, Martin Sjoelund, Dietmar Winkler.

Version: 1.1.0 Dec 6, 2019: Maintenance release and update to Modelica 3.2.3

Version: 1.0.0 May 15, 2012: Initial release

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