Overwrite numeric data of CSV file organized in "case" format


function overwriteCaseCSV
  extends Modelica.Icons.Function;
  input String fileName = "Name of file" annotation(
    Dialog(saveSelector(filter = "Comma separated values (*.csv)", caption = "CSV data file")));
  input Integer header = 2 "Number of header rows";
  input Integer margin = 2 "Number of left margin columns";
  input String delimiter = "\t" "Delimiter of CSV file";
  input Boolean useQuotedStrings = false "Use quoted strings, if true";
  input Boolean cache = false "Read file before compiling, if true";
  input String name "Name to be identified in header";
  input Integer headerRow = 1 "Header row index for searching key";
  input Real val[KeyWordIO.readCaseNumbersCSV(fileName = fileName, header = header, delimiter = "\t", cache = cache)] "Real vector to be overwritten at column where header matches name";
  input Integer significantDigits = 6 "Number of significant digits";
end overwriteCaseCSV;

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