This functions reads an array from a CSV file and returns a matrix of equal size. The array size of the CSV file is specified by the integers

File format


function readRealCSV
  extends Modelica.Icons.Function;
  input String fileName "CSV file name" annotation(
    Dialog(saveSelector(filter = "Comma separated values (*.csv)", caption = "CSV data file")));
  input Integer rowBegin = 1 "First row of CSV array";
  input Integer rowEnd = rowBegin "End row of CSV array";
  input Integer colBegin = 1 "First column of CSV array";
  input Integer colEnd = colBegin "End column of CSV array";
  input String delimiter = "\t" "Delimiter of CSV file";
  input Boolean cache = false "Read file before compiling, if true";
  output Real matrix[rowEnd - rowBegin + 1, colEnd - colBegin + 1] "Matrix read from CSV file";
end readRealCSV;

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