This package contains blocks to combine and extract signals.


ReplicatorSignal replicator
IntegerReplicatorInteger signal replicator
BooleanReplicatorBoolean signal replicator
ExtractSignalExtract signals from an input signal vector
ExtractorExtract scalar signal out of signal vector dependent on IntegerRealInput index
MultiplexMultiplexer block for arbitrary number of input connectors
Multiplex2Multiplexer block for two input connectors
Multiplex3Multiplexer block for three input connectors
Multiplex4Multiplexer block for four input connectors
Multiplex5Multiplexer block for five input connectors
Multiplex6Multiplexer block for six input connectors
DeMultiplexDeMultiplexer block for arbitrary number of output connectors
DeMultiplex2DeMultiplexer block for two output connectors
DeMultiplex3DeMultiplexer block for three output connectors
DeMultiplex4DeMultiplexer block for four output connectors
DeMultiplex5DeMultiplexer block for five output connectors
DeMultiplex6DeMultiplexer block for six output connectors
RealPassThroughPass a Real signal through without modification
IntegerPassThroughPass a Integer signal through without modification
BooleanPassThroughPass a Boolean signal through without modification

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