In this package types, constants and external objects are defined that are used in library Modelica.Blocks. The types have additional annotation choices definitions that define the menus to be built up in the graphical user interface when the type is used as parameter in a declaration.


SmoothnessEnumeration defining the smoothness of table interpolation
ExtrapolationEnumeration defining the extrapolation of table interpolation
TimeEventsEnumeration defining the time event handling of time table interpolation
InitEnumeration defining initialization of a block
SimpleControllerEnumeration defining P, PI, PD, or PID simple controller type
AnalogFilterEnumeration defining the method of filtering
FilterTypeEnumeration of analog filter types (low, high, band pass or band stop filter)
RegularizationEnumeration defining the regularization around zero
LimiterHomotopyEnumeration defining use of homotopy in limiter components
VariableLimiterHomotopyEnumeration defining use of homotopy in variable limiter components
ExternalCombiTimeTableExternal object of 1-dim. table where first column is time
ExternalCombiTable1DExternal object of 1-dim. table defined by matrix
ExternalCombiTable2DExternal object of 2-dim. table defined by matrix

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