This package contains basic mathematical operations, such as summation and multiplication, and basic mathematical functions, such as sqrt and sin, as input/output blocks. All blocks of this library can be either connected with continuous blocks or with sampled-data blocks.


Name Description
Conj Output is equal to the conjugate complex input signal
Gain Output the product of a gain value with the input signal
Sum Output the sum of the elements of the input vector
Feedback Output difference between commanded input 1 and feedback input 2
Add Output the sum of the two inputs
Add3 Output the sum of the three inputs
Product Output product of the two inputs
Division Output first input divided by second input
Sqrt Output the square root of the input (= principal square root of complex number)
Sin Output the sine of the input
Cos Output the cosine of the input
Tan Output the tangent of the input
Asin Output the arc sine of the input
Acos Output the arc cosine of the input
Atan Output the arc tangent of the input
Sinh Output the hyperbolic sine of the input
Cosh Output the hyperbolic cosine of the input
Tanh Output the hyperbolic tangent of the input
Exp Output the exponential (base e) of the input
Log Output the natural (base e) logarithm of the input (input <> '0' required)
RealToComplex Converts Cartesian representation to complex
PolarToComplex Converts polar representation to complex
ComplexToReal Converts complex to Cartesian representation
ComplexToPolar Converts complex to polar representation
Bode Calculate quantities to plot Bode diagram
TransferFunction Complex Transfer Function


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