This package contains very basic analog electrical components such as resistor, conductor, capacitor, inductor, and the ground (which is needed in each electrical circuit description. Furthermore, controlled sources, coupling components, and some improved (but nevertheless basic) are in this package.


Name Description
Ground Ground node
Resistor Ideal linear electrical resistor
Conductor Ideal linear electrical conductor
Capacitor Ideal linear electrical capacitor
Inductor Ideal linear electrical inductor
SaturatingInductor Simple model of an inductor with saturation
Transformer Transformer with two ports
M_Transformer Generic transformer with free number of inductors
Gyrator Gyrator
RotationalEMF Electromotoric force (electric/mechanic transformer)
TranslationalEMF Electromotoric force (electric/mechanic transformer)
VCV Linear voltage-controlled voltage source
VCC Linear voltage-controlled current source
CCV Linear current-controlled voltage source
CCC Linear current-controlled current source
OpAmp Simple nonideal model of an OpAmp with limitation
OpAmpDetailed Detailed model of an operational amplifier
VariableResistor Ideal linear electrical resistor with variable resistance
VariableConductor Ideal linear electrical conductor with variable conductance
VariableCapacitor Ideal linear electrical capacitor with variable capacitance
VariableInductor Ideal linear electrical inductor with variable inductance
Potentiometer Adjustable resistor
GeneralCurrentToVoltageAdaptor Signal adaptor for an Electrical OnePort with voltage and derivative of voltage as outputs and current and derivative of current as inputs (especially useful for FMUs)
GeneralVoltageToCurrentAdaptor Signal adaptor for an Electrical OnePort with current and derivative of current as output and voltage and derivative of voltage as input (especially useful for FMUs)


Main Authors:
Christoph Clauß <christoph@clauss-it.com>
André Schneider <Andre.Schneider@eas.iis.fraunhofer.de>
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
Design Automation Department
Zeunerstraße 38
D-01069 Dresden

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