This package contains definitions for the graphical layout of components which may be used in different libraries. The icons can be utilized by inheriting them in the desired class using "extends" or by directly copying the "icon" layer.

Main Authors

Martin Otter
Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Postfach 1116
D-82230 Wessling
email: Martin.Otter@dlr.de
Christian Kral
Electric Machines, Drives and Systems
1060 Vienna, Austria
email: dr.christian.kral@gmail.com
Johan Andreasson
Modelon AB
Ideon Science Park
22370 Lund, Sweden
email: johan.andreasson@modelon.se

Copyright © 1998-2020, Modelica Association and contributors


Name Description
 Information Icon for general information packages
 Contact Icon for contact information
 ReleaseNotes Icon for release notes in documentation
 References Icon for external references
 ExamplesPackage Icon for packages containing runnable examples
 Example Icon for runnable examples
 Package Icon for standard packages
 BasesPackage Icon for packages containing base classes
 VariantsPackage Icon for package containing variants
 InterfacesPackage Icon for packages containing interfaces
 SourcesPackage Icon for packages containing sources
 SensorsPackage Icon for packages containing sensors
 UtilitiesPackage Icon for utility packages
 TypesPackage Icon for packages containing type definitions
 FunctionsPackage Icon for packages containing functions
 IconsPackage Icon for packages containing icons
 InternalPackage Icon for an internal package (indicating that the package should not be directly utilized by user)
 MaterialPropertiesPackage Icon for package containing property classes
 RecordsPackage Icon for package containing records
 MaterialProperty Icon for property classes
 RoundSensor Icon representing a round measurement device
 RectangularSensor Icon representing a linear measurement device
 Function Icon for functions
 Record Icon for records
 TypeReal Icon for Real types
 TypeInteger Icon for Integer types
 TypeBoolean Icon for Boolean types
 TypeString Icon for String types
 SignalBus Icon for signal bus
 SignalSubBus Icon for signal sub-bus
 UnderConstruction Icon for classes that are still under construction
 ObsoleteModel Icon for classes that are obsolete and will be removed in later versions

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