The quasi static flux tubes library is based on the transient library Magnetic.FluxTubes. The main principles of confined flux and flux tubes apply, too. The quasi static flux tubes library contains components for modelling of electromagnetic devices with lumped magnetic networks based on quasi static theory. Models based on this library are suited for quasi static simulation of transformers at component and system level.

The quasi static components of this library do not consider saturation since linearity is strictly assumed. In case that the permeability of a saturated circuit needs to be considered, a transient permeability estimation sensor is provided do determine the effective permeability from a transient simulation.

A general introduction into quasi static (quasi stationary) phasor can be found in Modelica.Electrical.QuasiStationary.

This user's guide gives a short introduction to the underlying concept of quasi static magnetic flux tubes, summarizes basic relationships and equations.


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