Fluid models with linear compressibility, using PartialLinearFluid as base class.

The linear compressibility fluid models contained in this package are based on the assumptions that:

This results in models that are only valid for small temperature ranges, but sufficient to model compressibility and e.g., the "water hammer" effect. Another advantage id that only 3 values need to be measured to have an initial model. Hydraulic fluids can often be approximated by this type of model.

That means that the density is a linear function in temperature and in pressure. In order to define the complete model, a number of constant reference values are needed which are computed at the reference values of the states pressure p and temperature T. The model can be interpreted as a linearization of a full non-linear fluid model (but it is not linear in all thermodynamic coordinates). Reference values are needed for

  1. the density (reference_d),
  2. the specific enthalpy (reference_h),
  3. the specific entropy (reference_s).

Apart from that, a user needs to define the molar mass, MM_const. Note that it is possible to define a fluid by computing the reference values from a full non-linear fluid model by computing the package constants using the standard functions defined in a fluid package (see example in Common, LinearWater_pT).


CommonBase classes for compressible liquids
LinearColdWaterCold water model with linear compressibility
LinearWater_pT_AmbientLiquid, linear compressibility water model at 1.01325 bar and 25 degree Celsius

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