This package contains ideal gas models for the 1241 ideal gases from

McBride B.J., Zehe M.J., and Gordon S. (2002): NASA Glenn Coefficients for Calculating Thermodynamic Properties of Individual Species. NASA report TP-2002-211556

 Ag        BaOH+           C2H4O_ethylen_o DF      In2I4    Nb      ScO2
 Ag+       Ba_OH_2         CH3CHO_ethanal  DOCl    In2I6    Nb+     Sc2O
 Ag-       BaS             CH3COOH         DO2     In2O     Nb-     Sc2O2
 Air       Ba2             OHCH2COOH       DO2-    K        NbCl5   Si
 Al        Be              C2H5            D2      K+       NbO     Si+
 Al+       Be+             C2H5Br          D2+     K-       NbOCl3  Si-
 Al-       Be++            C2H6            D2-     KAlF4    NbO2    SiBr
 AlBr      BeBr            CH3N2CH3        D2O     KBO2     Ne      SiBr2
 AlBr2     BeBr2           C2H5OH          D2O2    KBr      Ne+     SiBr3
 AlBr3     BeCl            CH3OCH3         D2S     KCN      Ni      SiBr4
 AlC       BeCl2           CH3O2CH3        e-      KCl      Ni+     SiC
 AlC2      BeF             CCN             F       KF       Ni-     SiC2
 AlCl      BeF2            CNC             F+      KH       NiCl    SiCl
 AlCl+     BeH             OCCN            F-      KI       NiCl2   SiCl2
 AlCl2     BeH+            C2N2            FCN     Kli      NiO     SiCl3
 AlCl3     BeH2            C2O             FCO     KNO2     NiS     SiCl4
 AlF       BeI             C3              FO      KNO3     O       SiF
 AlF+      BeI2            C3H3_1_propynl  FO2_FOO KNa      O+      SiFCl
 AlFCl     BeN             C3H3_2_propynl  FO2_OFO KO       O-      SiF2
 AlFCl2    BeO             C3H4_allene     F2      KOH      OD      SiF3
 AlF2      BeOH            C3H4_propyne    F2O     K2       OD-     SiF4
 AlF2-     BeOH+           C3H4_cyclo      F2O2    K2+      OH      SiH
 AlF2Cl    Be_OH_2         C3H5_allyl      FS2F    K2Br2    OH+     SiH+
 AlF3      BeS             C3H6_propylene  Fe      K2CO3    OH-     SiHBr3
 AlF4-     Be2             C3H6_cyclo      Fe+     K2C2N2   O2      SiHCl
 AlH       Be2Cl4          C3H6O_propylox  Fe_CO_5 K2Cl2    O2+     SiHCl3
 AlHCl     Be2F4           C3H6O_acetone   FeCl    K2F2     O2-     SiHF
 AlHCl2    Be2O            C3H6O_propanal  FeCl2   K2I2     O3      SiHF3
 AlHF      Be2OF2          C3H7_n_propyl   FeCl3   K2O      P       SiHI3
 AlHFCl    Be2O2           C3H7_i_propyl   FeO     K2O+     P+      SiH2
 AlHF2     Be3O3           C3H8            Fe_OH_2 K2O2     P-      SiH2Br2
 AlH2      Be4O4           C3H8O_1propanol Fe2Cl4  K2O2H2   PCl     SiH2Cl2
 AlH2Cl    Br              C3H8O_2propanol Fe2Cl6  K2SO4    PCl2    SiH2F2
 AlH2F     Br+             CNCOCN          Ga      Kr       PCl2-   SiH2I2
 AlH3      Br-             C3O2            Ga+     Kr+      PCl3    SiH3
 AlI       BrCl            C4              GaBr    li       PCl5    SiH3Br
 AlI2      BrF             C4H2_butadiyne  GaBr2   li+      PF      SiH3Cl
 AlI3      BrF3            C4H4_1_3-cyclo  GaBr3   li-      PF+     SiH3F
 AlN       BrF5            C4H6_butadiene  GaCl    liAlF4   PF-     SiH3I
 AlO       BrO             C4H6_1butyne    GaCl2   liBO2    PFCl    SiH4
 AlO+      OBrO            C4H6_2butyne    GaCl3   liBr     PFCl-   SiI
 AlO-      BrOO            C4H6_cyclo      GaF     liCl     PFCl2   SiI2
 AlOCl     BrO3            C4H8_1_butene   GaF2    liF      PFCl4   SiN
 AlOCl2    Br2             C4H8_cis2_buten GaF3    liH      PF2     SiO
 AlOF      BrBrO           C4H8_isobutene  GaH     liI      PF2-    SiO2
 AlOF2     BrOBr           C4H8_cyclo      GaI     liN      PF2Cl   SiS
 AlOF2-    C               C4H9_n_butyl    GaI2    liNO2    PF2Cl3  SiS2
 AlOH      C+              C4H9_i_butyl    GaI3    liNO3    PF3     Si2
 AlOHCl    C-              C4H9_s_butyl    GaO     liO      PF3Cl2  Si2C
 AlOHCl2   CBr             C4H9_t_butyl    GaOH    liOF     PF4Cl   Si2F6
 AlOHF     CBr2            C4H10_n_butane  Ga2Br2  liOH     PF5     Si2N
 AlOHF2    CBr3            C4H10_isobutane Ga2Br4  liON     PH      Si3
 AlO2      CBr4            C4N2            Ga2Br6  li2      PH2     Sn
 AlO2-     CCl             C5              Ga2Cl2  li2+     PH2-    Sn+
 Al_OH_2   CCl2            C5H6_1_3cyclo   Ga2Cl4  li2Br2   PH3     Sn-
 Al_OH_2Cl CCl2Br2         C5H8_cyclo      Ga2Cl6  li2F2    PN      SnBr
 Al_OH_2F  CCl3            C5H10_1_pentene Ga2F2   li2I2    PO      SnBr2
 Al_OH_3   CCl3Br          C5H10_cyclo     Ga2F4   li2O     PO-     SnBr3
 AlS       CCl4            C5H11_pentyl    Ga2F6   li2O+    POCl3   SnBr4
 AlS2      CF              C5H11_t_pentyl  Ga2I2   li2O2    POFCl2  SnCl
 Al2       CF+             C5H12_n_pentane Ga2I4   li2O2H2  POF2Cl  SnCl2
 Al2Br6    CFBr3           C5H12_i_pentane Ga2I6   li2SO4   POF3    SnCl3
 Al2C2     CFCl            CH3C_CH3_2CH3   Ga2O    li3+     PO2     SnCl4
 Al2Cl6    CFClBr2         C6D5_phenyl     Ge      li3Br3   PO2-    SnF
 Al2F6     CFCl2           C6D6            Ge+     li3Cl3   PS      SnF2
 Al2I6     CFCl2Br         C6H2            Ge-     li3F3    P2      SnF3
 Al2O      CFCl3           C6H5_phenyl     GeBr    li3I3    P2O3    SnF4
 Al2O+     CF2             C6H5O_phenoxy   GeBr2   Mg       P2O4    SnI
 Al2O2     CF2+            C6H6            GeBr3   Mg+      P2O5    SnI2
 Al2O2+    CF2Br2          C6H5OH_phenol   GeBr4   MgBr     P3      SnI3
 Al2O3     CF2Cl           C6H10_cyclo     GeCl    MgBr2    P3O6    SnI4
 Al2S      CF2ClBr         C6H12_1_hexene  GeCl2   MgCl     P4      SnO
 Al2S2     CF2Cl2          C6H12_cyclo     GeCl3   MgCl+    P4O6    SnO2
 Ar        CF3             C6H13_n_hexyl   GeCl4   MgCl2    P4O7    SnS
 Ar+       CF3+            C6H14_n_hexane  GeF     MgF      P4O8    SnS2
 B         CF3Br           C7H7_benzyl     GeF2    MgF+     P4O9    Sn2
 B+        CF3Cl           C7H8            GeF3    MgF2     P4O10   Sr
 B-        CF4             C7H8O_cresol_mx GeF4    MgF2+    Pb      Sr+
 BBr       CH+             C7H14_1_heptene GeH4    MgH      Pb+     SrBr
 BBr2      CHBr3           C7H15_n_heptyl  GeI     MgI      Pb-     SrBr2
 BBr3      CHCl            C7H16_n_heptane GeO     MgI2     PbBr    SrCl
 BC        CHClBr2         C7H16_2_methylh GeO2    MgN      PbBr2   SrCl+
 BC2       CHCl2           C8H8_styrene    GeS     MgO      PbBr3   SrCl2
 BCl       CHCl2Br         C8H10_ethylbenz GeS2    MgOH     PbBr4   SrF
 BCl+      CHCl3           C8H16_1_octene  Ge2     MgOH+    PbCl    SrF+
 BClOH     CHF             C8H17_n_octyl   H       Mg_OH_2  PbCl2   SrF2
 BCl_OH_2  CHFBr2          C8H18_n_octane  H+      MgS      PbCl3   SrH
 BCl2      CHFCl           C8H18_isooctane H-      Mg2      PbCl4   SrI
 BCl2+     CHFClBr         C9H19_n_nonyl   HAlO    Mg2F4    PbF     SrI2
 BCl2OH    CHFCl2          C10H8_naphthale HAlO2   Mn       PbF2    SrO
 BF        CHF2            C10H21_n_decyl  HBO     Mn+      PbF3    SrOH
 BFCl      CHF2Br          C12H9_o_bipheny HBO+    Mo       PbF4    SrOH+
 BFCl2     CHF2Cl          C12H10_biphenyl HBO2    Mo+      PbI     Sr_OH_2
 BFOH      CHF3            Ca              HBS     Mo-      PbI2    SrS
 BF_OH_2   CHI3            Ca+             HBS+    MoO      PbI3    Sr2
 BF2       CH2             CaBr            HCN     MoO2     PbI4    Ta
 BF2+      CH2Br2          CaBr2           HCO     MoO3     PbO     Ta+
 BF2-      CH2Cl           CaCl            HCO+    MoO3-    PbO2    Ta-
 BF2Cl     CH2ClBr         CaCl+           HCCN    Mo2O6    PbS     TaCl5
 BF2OH     CH2Cl2          CaCl2           HCCO    Mo3O9    PbS2    TaO
 BF3       CH2F            CaF             HCl     Mo4O12   Rb      TaO2
 BF4-      CH2FBr          CaF+            HD      Mo5O15   Rb+     Ti
 BH        CH2FCl          CaF2            HD+     N        Rb-     Ti+
 BHCl      CH2F2           CaH             HDO     N+       RbBO2   Ti-
 BHCl2     CH2I2           CaI             HDO2    N-       RbBr    TiCl
 BHF       CH3             CaI2            HF      NCO      RbCl    TiCl2
 BHFCl     CH3Br           CaO             HI      ND       RbF     TiCl3
 BHF2      CH3Cl           CaO+            HNC     ND2      RbH     TiCl4
 BH2       CH3F            CaOH            HNCO    ND3      RbI     TiO
 BH2Cl     CH3I            CaOH+           HNO     NF       RbK     TiO+
 BH2F      CH2OH           Ca_OH_2         HNO2    NF2      Rbli    TiOCl
 BH3       CH2OH+          CaS             HNO3    NF3      RbNO2   TiOCl2
 BH3NH3    CH3O            Ca2             HOCl    NH       RbNO3   TiO2
 BH4       CH4             Cd              HOF     NH+      RbNa    U
 BI        CH3OH           Cd+             HO2     NHF      RbO     UF
 BI2       CH3OOH          Cl              HO2-    NHF2     RbOH    UF+
 BI3       CI              Cl+             HPO     NH2      Rb2Br2  UF-
 BN        CI2             Cl-             HSO3F   NH2F     Rb2Cl2  UF2
 BO        CI3             ClCN            H2      NH3      Rb2F2   UF2+
 BO-       CI4             ClF             H2+     NH2OH    Rb2I2   UF2-
 BOCl      CN              ClF3            H2-     NH4+     Rb2O    UF3
 BOCl2     CN+             ClF5            HBOH    NO       Rb2O2   UF3+
 BOF       CN-             ClO             HCOOH   NOCl     Rb2O2H2 UF3-
 BOF2      CNN             ClO2            H2F2    NOF      Rb2SO4  UF4
 BOH       CO              Cl2             H2O     NOF3     Rn      UF4+
 BO2       CO+             Cl2O            H2O+    NO2      Rn+     UF4-
 BO2-      COCl            Co              H2O2    NO2-     S       UF5
 B_OH_2    COCl2           Co+             H2S     NO2Cl    S+      UF5+
 BS        COFCl           Co-             H2SO4   NO2F     S-      UF5-
 BS2       COF2            Cr              H2BOH   NO3      SCl     UF6
 B2        COHCl           Cr+             HB_OH_2 NO3-     SCl2    UF6-
 B2C       COHF            Cr-             H3BO3   NO3F     SCl2+   UO
 B2Cl4     COS             CrN             H3B3O3  N2       SD      UO+
 B2F4      CO2             CrO             H3B3O6  N2+      SF      UOF
 B2H       CO2+            CrO2            H3F3    N2-      SF+     UOF2
 B2H2      COOH            CrO3            H3O+    NCN      SF-     UOF3
 B2H3      CP              CrO3-           H4F4    N2D2_cis SF2     UOF4
 B2H3_db   CS              Cs              H5F5    N2F2     SF2+    UO2
 B2H4      CS2             Cs+             H6F6    N2F4     SF2-    UO2+
 B2H4_db   C2              Cs-             H7F7    N2H2     SF3     UO2-
 B2H5      C2+             CsBO2           He      NH2NO2   SF3+    UO2F
 B2H5_db   C2-             CsBr            He+     N2H4     SF3-    UO2F2
 B2H6      C2Cl            CsCl            Hg      N2O      SF4     UO3
 B2O       C2Cl2           CsF             Hg+     N2O+     SF4+    UO3-
 B2O2      C2Cl3           CsH             HgBr2   N2O3     SF4-    V
 B2O3      C2Cl4           CsI             I       N2O4     SF5     V+
 B2_OH_4   C2Cl6           Csli            I+      N2O5     SF5+    V-
 B2S       C2F             CsNO2           I-      N3       SF5-    VCl4
 B2S2      C2FCl           CsNO3           IF5     N3H      SF6     VN
 B2S3      C2FCl3          CsNa            IF7     Na       SF6-    VO
 B3H7_C2v  C2F2            CsO             I2      Na+      SH      VO2
 B3H7_Cs   C2F2Cl2         CsOH            In      Na-      SH-     V4O10
 B3H9      C2F3            CsRb            In+     NaAlF4   SN      W
 B3N3H6    C2F3Cl          Cs2             InBr    NaBO2    SO      W+
 B3O3Cl3   C2F4            Cs2Br2          InBr2   NaBr     SO-     W-
 B3O3FCl2  C2F6            Cs2CO3          InBr3   NaCN     SOF2    WCl6
 B3O3F2Cl  C2H             Cs2Cl2          InCl    NaCl     SO2     WO
 B3O3F3    C2HCl           Cs2F2           InCl2   NaF      SO2-    WOCl4
 B4H4      C2HCl3          Cs2I2           InCl3   NaH      SO2Cl2  WO2
 B4H10     C2HF            Cs2O            InF     NaI      SO2FCl  WO2Cl2
 B4H12     C2HFCl2         Cs2O+           InF2    Nali     SO2F2   WO3
 B5H9      C2HF2Cl         Cs2O2           InF3    NaNO2    SO3     WO3-
 Ba        C2HF3           Cs2O2H2         InH     NaNO3    S2      Xe
 Ba+       C2H2_vinylidene Cs2SO4          InI     NaO      S2-     Xe+
 BaBr      C2H2Cl2         Cu              InI2    NaOH     S2Cl2   Zn
 BaBr2     C2H2FCl         Cu+             InI3    NaOH+    S2F2    Zn+
 BaCl      C2H2F2          Cu-             InO     Na2      S2O     Zr
 BaCl+     CH2CO_ketene    CuCl            InOH    Na2Br2   S3      Zr+
 BaCl2     O_CH_2O         CuF             In2Br2  Na2Cl2   S4      Zr-
 BaF       HO_CO_2OH       CuF2            In2Br4  Na2F2    S5      ZrN
 BaF+      C2H3_vinyl      CuO             In2Br6  Na2I2    S6      ZrO
 BaF2      CH2Br-COOH      Cu2             In2Cl2  Na2O     S7      ZrO+
 BaH       C2H3Cl          Cu3Cl3          In2Cl4  Na2O+    S8      ZrO2
 BaI       CH2Cl-COOH      D               In2Cl6  Na2O2    Sc
 BaI2      C2H3F           D+              In2F2   Na2O2H2  Sc+
 BaO       CH3CN           D-              In2F4   Na2SO4   Sc-
 BaO+      CH3CO_acetyl    DBr             In2F6   Na3Cl3   ScO
 BaOH      C2H4            DCl             In2I2   Na3F3    ScO+

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