Base class for mixtures of real condensing and non-condensing gases


saturationPressureReturn saturation pressure of condensing fluid
saturationTemperatureReturn saturation temperature of condensing fluid
massFractionSaturationReturn saturation mass fractions
massFraction_pTphiReturn mass fractions as a function of pressure, temperature and relative humidity
relativeHumidityReturn relative humidity
enthalpyOfVaporizationReturn vaporization enthalpy of condensing fluid
enthalpyOfLiquidReturn liquid enthalpy of condensing fluid
enthalpyOfGasReturn enthalpy of non-condensing gas mixture
enthalpyOfCondensingGasReturn enthalpy of condensing gas (most often steam)
enthalpyOfNonCondensingGasReturn enthalpy of the non-condensing species
specificEntropy_phXReturn specific entropy as a function of pressure, specific enthalpy and mass fractions

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