Medium model with linear dependency of u, h from temperature. All other quantities, especially density, are constant.


ThermodynamicStateThermodynamic state
BasePropertiesBase properties
setState_pTXReturn thermodynamic state from p, T, and X or Xi
setState_phXReturn thermodynamic state from p, h, and X or Xi
setState_psXReturn thermodynamic state from p, s, and X or Xi
setState_dTXReturn thermodynamic state from d, T, and X or Xi
setSmoothStateReturn thermodynamic state so that it smoothly approximates: if x > 0 then state_a else state_b
dynamicViscosityReturn dynamic viscosity
thermalConductivityReturn thermal conductivity
pressureReturn pressure
temperatureReturn temperature
densityReturn density
specificEnthalpyReturn specific enthalpy
specificHeatCapacityCpReturn specific heat capacity at constant pressure
specificHeatCapacityCvReturn specific heat capacity at constant volume
isentropicExponentReturn isentropic exponent
velocityOfSoundReturn velocity of sound
specificEnthalpy_pTXReturn specific enthalpy from p, T, and X or Xi
temperature_phXReturn temperature from p, h, and X or Xi
density_phXReturn density from p, h, and X or Xi
specificInternalEnergyReturn specific internal energy
specificEntropyReturn specific entropy
specificGibbsEnergyReturn specific Gibbs energy
specificHelmholtzEnergyReturn specific Helmholtz energy
isentropicEnthalpyReturn isentropic enthalpy
isobaricExpansionCoefficientReturns overall the isobaric expansion coefficient beta
isothermalCompressibilityReturns overall the isothermal compressibility factor
density_derp_TReturns the partial derivative of density with respect to pressure at constant temperature
density_derT_pReturns the partial derivative of density with respect to temperature at constant pressure
density_derXReturns the partial derivative of density with respect to mass fractions at constant pressure and temperature
molarMassReturn the molar mass of the medium

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