Calculation of fluid properties for Tetrafluoroethane (R134a) in the fluid region of 0.0039 bar (Triple pressure) to 700 bar and 169.85 Kelvin (Triple temperature) to 455 Kelvin.


The functions provided by this package shall be used inside of the restricted limits according to the referenced literature.


Baehr, H.D. and Tillner-Roth, R.:
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The verification report for the development of this library is provided here.


This library was developed by XRG Simulation GmbH as part of the Clean Sky JTI project (Project title: MoMoLib-Modelica Model Library Development for Media, Magnetic Systems and Wavelets; Project number: 296369; Theme: JTI-CS-2011-1-SGO-02-026: Modelica Model Library Development Part I). The partial financial support for the development of this library by the European Union is highly appreciated.

Some parts of this library refer to the ThermoFluid library developed at Lund University (http://thermofluid.sourceforge.net).

Copyright © 2013-2019, Modelica Association and contributors


Name Description
 R134a_ph Medium model for R134a and p,h as states
 R134aData R134a data required by package R134a_ph

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