After implementation of a new medium model, it should be tested. A basic test is already provided with model Modelica.Media.Examples.Utilities.PartialTestModel which might be used in the following way:

model TestOfMyMedium
   extends Modelica.Media.Examples.Utilities.PartialTestModel(
            redeclare package Medium = MyMedium);
end TestOfMyMedium;

It might be necessary to adapt or change initial values depending on the validity range of the medium. The model above should translate and simulate. If the medium model is written according to the suggestions given in the previous sections (and the Modelica translator has appropriate algorithms implemented), there should be only static state selection everywhere and no non-linear system of equations, provided h is an independent medium variable or is only a function of T. If h is a function of, say h=h(p,T), one non-linear system of equations occurs that cannot be avoided.

The test model above can be used to test the most basic properties. Of course, more tests should be performed.

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