An evolved, but non-standard conforming Modelica library, called "Modelica_StateGraph2", is available from https://github.com/HansOlsson/Modelica_StateGraph2. Find below a comparison with respect to Modelica.StateGraph. A third option, especially for modeling of discrete controllers, are the clocked state machines, which are available as built-in Modelica language elements, see Section 17 (State Machines) of the Modelica 3.4 specification.

The Modelica_StateGraph2 library (called StateGraph2 below) is based on the experience with the current Modelica.StateGraph library (called StateGraph1 below) and is a significantly further development of StateGraph1. Furthermore, it is heavily based on the article (Malmheden et. al. 2008), see Literature below, but uses a different implementation technique as described in this article. The StateGraph2 library has the following improvements with respect to the StateGraph1 library:


The Modelica_StateGraph2 library is described in detail in (Otter et. al. 2009, see below) and is additionally based on the following references:

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