This package provides predefined types, such as Mass, Angle, Time, based on the international standard on units, e.g.,

type Angle = Real(final quantity = "Angle",
                  final unit     = "rad",
                  displayUnit   = "deg");

Some of the types are derived SI units that are utilized in package Modelica (such as ComplexCurrent, which is a complex number where both the real and imaginary part have the SI unit Ampere).

Furthermore, conversion functions from non SI-units to SI-units and vice versa are provided in subpackage Conversions.

For an introduction how units are used in the Modelica Standard Library with package Units, have a look at: How to use Units.

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Name Description
 UsersGuide User's Guide of Units Library
 SI Library of SI unit definitions
 NonSI Type definitions of non SI and other units
 Conversions Conversion functions to/from non SI units and type definitions of non SI units
 Icons Icons for Units


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