Package Modelica is a standardized and pre-defined package that is developed together with the Modelica language from the Modelica Association, see https://www.Modelica.org. It is also called Modelica Standard Library. It provides constants, types, connectors, partial models and model components in various disciplines.

This is a short User's Guide for the overall library. Some of the main sublibraries have their own User's Guides that can be accessed by the following links:

ComplexBlocks Library of basic input/output control blocks with Complex signals
Digital Library for digital electrical components based on the VHDL standard (2-,3-,4-,9-valued logic)
Dissipation Library of functions for convective heat transfer and pressure loss characteristics
Fluid Library of 1-dim. thermo-fluid flow models using the Modelica.Media media description
FluidHeatFlow Library of simple components for 1-dimensional incompressible thermo-fluid flow models
FluxTubes Library for modelling of electromagnetic devices with lumped magnetic networks
FundamentalWave Library for magnetic fundamental wave effects in electric machines
FundamentalWave Library for quasi-static fundamental wave electric machines
Machines Library for electric machines
Media Library of media property models
MultiBody Library to model 3-dimensional mechanical systems
Polyphase Library for electrical components of one or more phases
PowerConverters Library for rectifiers, inverters and DC/DC converters
QuasiStatic Library for quasi-static electrical single-phase and polyphase AC simulation
Rotational Library to model 1-dimensional, rotational mechanical systems
Spice3 Library for components of the Berkeley SPICE3 simulator
StateGraph Library to model discrete event and reactive systems by hierarchical state machines
Translational Library to model 1-dimensional, translational mechanical systems
Units Library of type definitions
Utilities Library of utility functions especially for scripting (Files, Streams, Strings, System)


Name Description
Overview Overview of Modelica Library
Connectors Connectors
Conventions Conventions
ReleaseNotes Release notes
Contact Contact

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