In this package annotations are described. Annotations are intended for storing extra information about a model, such as graphics, documentation or versioning. A Modelica tool is free to define and use other annotations, in addition to those defined here. The only requirement is that any tool shall save files with all annotations from this chapter and all vendor-specific annotations intact. To ensure this, annotations must be represented with constructs according to the Modelica grammar. The Modelica language specification defines the semantic meaning if a tool implements any of these annotations.


Name Description
 absoluteValue absoluteValue
 choices choices
 choicesAllMatching choicesAllMatching
 dateModified dateModified
 defaultComponentName defaultComponentName
 defaultComponentPrefixes defaultComponentPrefixes
 defaultConnectionStructurallyInconsistent defaultConnectionStructurallyInconsistent
 derivative derivative
 Dialog Dialog
 Documentation Documentation
 DocumentationClass DocumentationClass
 DynamicSelect DynamicSelect
 Evaluate Evaluate
 experiment experiment
 HideResult HideResult
 Inline Inline
 InlineAfterIndexReduction InlineAfterIndexReduction
 inverse inverse
 LateInline LateInline
 missingInnerMessage missingInnerMessage
 obsolete obsolete
 preferredView preferredView
 revisionId revisionId
 smoothOrder smoothOrder
 unassignedMessage unassignedMessage
 uses uses
 version version
 versionBuild versionBuild
 versionDate versionDate

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