This package provides input/output blocks where every block is available in a continuous and a discrete (sampled) representation. A block is defined via its continuous parameterization. By specifying a discretization method and a sample time, the discrete representation is automatically derived from the continuous form. The defaults of the most important options for all blocks are set in the global SampleClock component (via inner/outer). As a result, it is, e.g., easy to switch quickly between a continuous and a discrete representation of all blocks of a controller.

Examples to demonstrate the technique are given in the package Examples. Especially, the continuous or discrete control of a simple flexible drive with a P-PI cascade controller is demonstrated in example SimpleControlledDrive.


Name Description
 UsersGuide Controllers Tutorial
 Examples Package of examples to demonstrate the usage of controllers
 SampleClock Global options for blocks of Controller library (in particular sample clock)
 Sampler Sample the input signal if discrete block or y=u if continuous block
 StateSpace Continuous or discrete state space system block
 TransferFunction Continuous or discrete, single input single output transfer function
 ZerosAndPoles Continuous or discretized, single input single output block described by a ZerosAndPoles object
 Filter Continuous or discretized analog low or high pass IIR-filter (CriticalDamping/Bessel/Butterworth/Chebyshev)
 FilterFIR Discrete finite impulse response low or high pass filter
 Integrator Output the integral of the input signal (continuous or discrete block)
 Derivative Approximate derivative (continuous or discrete block)
 FirstOrder First order (continuous or discrete) transfer function block (= 1 pole)
 SecondOrder Second order (continuous or discrete) transfer function block (= 2 poles)
 PI Proportional-Integral controller (continuous or discrete block)
 PID PID-controller in additive description form
 LimPID P, PI, PD, and PID controller with limited output, anti-windup compensation and setpoint weighting
 UnitDelay Delay the input by a multiple of the base sample time if discrete block or y=u if continuous block
 ADconverter Analog to digital converter (including sampler)
 DAconverter Digital to analog converter (including zero order hold)
 Interpolator Increasing the sampling frequency with linear interpolation and optional mean value filtering
 MatrixGain Output the product of a gain matrix with the input signal vector. The matrix can be loaded from a file optionally
 Noise Block that generates a uniform distributed noise output signal at sample instants if discrete and y=0 if continuous
 Icons Package of icons of controllers
 Interfaces Package of interfaces (partial blocks) of controllers
 Templates Package of templates used for demonstration purposes
 Types Package of type definitions
 Internal Package of internal utilities of controllers (for advanced users only)

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