Discrete transfer function description of a single input, single output system (data + operations)


'constructor'Collection of operators to construct a DiscreteTransferFunction data record
'+'Contains operators for addition of discrete transfer functions
'-'Contains operators for subtraction of discrete transfer functions
'*'Contains operators for multiplication of discrete transfer functions
'/'Contains operators for division of discrete transfer functions
'^'Integer power of DiscreteTransferFunction (dtf1^k)
'=='Check whether two discrete transfer functions are identical
'String'Transform DiscreteTransferFunction into a String representation
zGenerate the discrete transfer function z
AnalysisPackage of functions to analyse discrete transfer function represented by a DiscreteTransferFunction record
PlotPackage of functions to plot discrete transfer function responses
ConversionPackage of functions for conversion of DiscreteTransferFunction data record
ImportPackage of functions to generate a DiscreteTransferFunction data record from imported data

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